FDB software
FDB software FDB software FDB software FDB software FDB software

FDB software

The FDB software developed by Fungilab has been designed to work with the Premium series viscometer. It offers the possibility to program the viscometer for step, ramp and multi-step curves, and it is an important tool to study the viscosity behaviour of different liquids.


Complete viscometer control.

Easy to use. All programs eliminate user errors when programming the instrument to collect data. > Provides instantaneous viscosity flow curves when performing new experiments, with definable parameters.
Clear view of program options using flanges.
Definable graphics and zoom function.
Different types of experiments can be programmed: simple curves, ramps and multi-step.
All experiments are recorded in different databases to be able to consult them anytime.
Experiment documentation with name, number and additional data.
In order to compare different flow curves, experiments can be plotted simultaneously.
Over 12 different charts can be obtained.

Control software
Establishing viscosity programs, documenting the procedure and the results in real time are some of the options offered by the Fungilab Data Boss software developed by FUNGILAB.

The software has been designed to be very intuitive. The option menu provides a clear view of the program. The help menu provides charts and descriptive texts that offer a clear explanation of the working options.

Rotational Viscometer FDB Software.pdf


USB conection for pc.

Usb conection for temperature probe.

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