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Fungicrom Separating Chambers (TLC)

Fungicrom Separating Chambers (TLC)

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Thin Layer Chromatography is like all chromatographic techniques, based on a multistage distribution process.

TLC Spray unit
Ideal for spraying reagents and indicator solutions.
Spray nozzle made of PET, resistant against many acids and most solvents.

> Tubing made of plastic, jet valve made of metal.
> Propellant volume: sufficient for spraying 300ml. liquid.
> Screw cap bottle 125 ml. made of PET.
> Dimensions: W10 x H13 x D5 cm.
> Delivery incl. jet valve 0.7 mm.

Code Model
NPLAK Chamber NORMAPLAK (with lid) 200x200 mm.
MPLAK Chamber MULTIPLAK (with lid) 200x200 mm.
MIPLAK Chamber MINIPLAK (with lid) 100x100mm.
RPLAK Chamber ROLLERPLAK (with lid) 210x110 mm.
CNPLAK Chamber NORMAPLAK (without lid)
CMPLAK Chamber MULTIPLAK (without lid)
CMIPLAK Chamber MINIPLAK (without lid)
CRPLAK Chamber ROLLERPLAK (without lid)
T2020 Knob-lid for chambers 200x200 mm.
T1010 Knob-lid for chambers 100x100 mm.
RRL-P Plastic Reagent Reservoir with lid (12 pcs.)
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