Thermostatic Bath
Eagle Series

Eagle Series


- Better accuracy 0.3ºC
- New design
- User friendly
- Up to 150 ºC

Desgined to fit perfectly all FUNGILAB viscometer and accessories.

To work with or without circulation jacket and with two optional supports for 600mL Beakers.

Model Code
EAGLE bath 150 B150
EAGLE bath 150-B9 ∙ 9L tank B150B9
EAGLE bath 150-B9S ∙ 9L tank ∙ (Includes support for two beakers) B150B9S
EAGLE bath 150-B12 ∙ 12L tank B150B12
EAGLE bath 150-B12S ∙ 12L tank ∙ (Includes support for two beakers) B150B12S
EAGLE bath 150-B20 ∙ 20L tank B150B20

Working temperature range: +5ºC...150ºC

Temperature stability: +/- 0.03K

Temperature selection: Digital

Temperature indication: 13 mm. 4 Dígitos LED

Resolution: 0.1ºC

Temperatura control: PID

Heater wattage at 230V: 2.0 kw

Heater wattage at 115V: 1.0 kw

Pump capacity: Pressure: 0.3 bar Flow rate: 14 l/min.

Overall dimensions (AxLxH) 13 x 16 x 33 cm

Weight: 4.1 kg

Classification in conformity with: DIN 12876-1 :     Clase III

Protection in conformity with: EN 60 529     IP 21

Security in conformity with: IEC 61010-2-010

Protection against excess of temperature: adjustable 0...160ºC

Protection agains low liquid level: water level buoy.

Alarm: Optical and acoustic

Main power connection: 190 – 230V. 50/60 Hz.


Stainless Steel 9L tank

Stainless Steel 12L tank

Stainless Steel 20L tank

Stainless Steel 27L tank

External Cooling Oil

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