A letter to our customers

For Fungilab, 2016 has been a pivotal year. In addition to our exhibitions and product launches, we were also winners of the 2016 Red Dot Award, an international competition honoring excellence in technological innovation. We are proud of what we have accomplished and for everything that still lies ahead; however, these accomplishments would feel insignificant if we didn’t take a moment to reflect on our journey here so far.


Fungilab is a family endeavor. For my parents, the objective of starting a company was more profound than I understood at the time. They wanted progression, change—a transformation of the status quo. And so we nurtured Fungilab, cultivating and raising the company as a part of our family. We struggled and succeeded. There were tears shed and triumphs made. The last 35 years have been a strong period of learning and growth for Fungilab, and we value every moment for all that we have gained.


Today, Fungilab is an international company. We are in a constant mode of expansion and creation, and there is certainly no end in sight. But we are also a grounded and responsible company. Our growth and success rests on our customers: without you, we would never have come this far.


We look around and realize that others have failed you. Compromises have been made that put your best interests at risk. As a family company with family values, we do not—and will not—leave anyone behind. We are still standing because our sense of duty to you is still our top priority.


Fungilab does not have a price. We do not give into those external pressures that have succeeded in dismantling so many others. We are firm and unyielding in our commitment to our goals, and of course, in providing our customers with everything they deserve. We live by our family values because it is this very dynamic that has kept us moving strong. 


Trust in us. It is not in our nature to take the easy way out. Trust in us because we have proven ourselves, and will continue to prove ourselves, in spite of all our obstacles.


Trust in us because we trust in you.



Ernest Buira

CEO, Fungilab