Fungilab V-Compact Wins Award for Industrial Design

NEW YORK, NY – Instrument Business Outlook has recently announced that Fungilab’s V-Compact is the winner of the 2015 Silver Award for industrial design. The annual IBO Design Awards “demonstrate how industrial design can improve a product’s functionality and the end-user’s experience.” The V-Compact is certainly aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the traditional rotational viscometer through an improved digitial interface and a sophisticated, modern design.

The V-Compact made its U.S. debut at Pittcon 2015 in Louisiana, followed by an international unveiling at ACHEMA 2015 in Germany. It has been showcased as the “world’s first wireless rotational viscometer.” The V-Compact features a bolstered digital interface, enhanced Wi-Fi capabilities, a lightweight design, and cost-effective hardware features.

“We are so grateful for this recognition,” says Fungilab CEO Ernest Buira. “It is a testament to all the hard work my team put into designing the V-Compact. We couldn’t be more proud.”

On the goals for the V-Compact: “We recognize that a growing number of students are working hard to establish themselves in their respective fields. Designing an instrument that can satisfy their progressive and evolving needs is a responsibility we take very seriously,” says Mr. Buira.

The viscometer functions alongside the V-Compact Fungilab App—all parameters and input settings are controlled on a mobile phone or tablet. The app will also allow designated laboratory personnel to remotely access test data as they oversee multiple projects in different research facilities. Users will also have access to customer representatives through an online chat feature when immediate assistance is required. Accessibility is the foundation of the V-Compact; it aims to provide an enriched and innovative experience that is constantly being improved.

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