1984 – Fungilab is founded in Barcelona for distributing products for quality control in laboratories, research and development and production departments.

1992 – Fungilab launches the first rotational viscometers series: ViscoBasic, ViscoStar and ViscoElite during Achema exhibition.

2000 – Fungilab distributes its products in more than 70 countires.

2008 – Fungilab launches the new generation of rotational viscometers the Masters Series, innovating and becoming a reference in viscosity technology: Alpha, Smart, Expert and Premium series includes usb connector, touch keypad, LCD screens and new performing programs to measure viscosity easily.

2009 – Fungilab opens new branch in Kyiv, Ukraine, to develop its business in the Eastern Europe countries, staying closer to the customer, giving assistance in marketing and commercial areas and providing technical support to our distributors and their customers.

2010 – Fungilab Inc is founded in New York, US, as a Fungilab S.A. branch to manage sales, marketing, technical support, warehousing and customer service to the US, Canada and Latin America markets.

2012 – Fungilab launches the most advanced rotational viscometer in the world wide market: the ViscoPad Series. The new ViscoPad Series viscometer combines efficiency, accuracy, simplicity and technology in its most advanced performance. The touch technology in a flat tablet provides to the user the necessary tools and applications to perform your viscosity. Fungilab also introduces the new Fungilab Smart Performance (FSP) system that provides accuracy and precision to the viscosity measurement.

Developing innovative viscometers with the most advanced technology since 1980